Review: Linear Garage Door Opener GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Controller

Linear Garage Door Opener

The world of home automation is huge! There are so many products out there, so much you can do with them, so many different ways of configuring everything, that it can be extremely overwhelming.

It’s easy to get lost creating, editing, and changing scenes or finding the perfect angles for all your cameras that certain things can be forgotten; ie. your garage door opener.

If you want to have a truly smart home, you absolutely need a Z-Wave enabled linear garage door opener. It will make your home just that much smarter!

Why You Need a Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

You can have the best Z-Wave security devices installed in your smart home, yet without Z-Wave garage door control, your home could be at risk. Not only that, but the convenience factor a Z-Wave garage door opener is quite spectacular.

Just imagine driving up to your house and as soon as your car enters the driveway, your garage door automatically opens. Sweet, right? Not only is it cool, but it also diminishes the ability for thieves to steal your garage door code, since you never press a garage door opener. This is especially true if you have an older garage door opener, as those used much simpler codes, which in turn are easier to hack.

For real security and true home automation, you need to upgrade your garage door too. Many people add Z-Wave deadbolts to their homes, so why not a Z-Wave garage door opener?

How Do You Find the Best Smart Garage Door Opener?

It can be overwhelming to find the best Z-Wave garage door opener. Trust me, I've been there. 

Many home automation hubs use different communication protocols, so it's important to know that the garage door opener you buy will work with your hub. Some companies don't even support the all in one smart garage door openers on the market, so you’d have to jerry rig a few sensors together instead. Confusing, right?

Don’t worry, though, the GD00Z-4 Linear Garage Door Opener is affordable, easy to install, and is supported by many of the best Z-Wave hubs available.

The Best Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

When you’re looking for the best value and functionality in a smart garage door controller, you needn't look farther than the GoControl Linear Garage Door Opener.

This device is easily installed onto virtually any garage door opener, which is convenient, while also integrating an integral device into your Z-Wave network. This is, by far, our top pick for a smart garage door remote controller. Check out why:

Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener


The GD00Z-4 uses the Z-Wave communication protocol, which means it will seamlessly integrate with your other Z-Wave devices thanks to the stringent requirements the Z-Wave Alliance has.

This means you'll be able to control your garage door remotely, in addition to adding it to various scenes. Not only that, but you'll also be able to take advantage of  the range this device adds to your network. Thanks to the GD00Z-4 acting as a repeater for your Z-Wave network, your network will automatically extend up to 130 feet, which can help you connect to other outdoor products like motion sensors and lights.

Thanks to geofencing, this smart garage door controller can automatically detect that you’re home, too, which means you can trigger it to open on entry and close on exit. It's pretty slick!

This linear garage control is also big on safety, as it features audio alerts before opening or closing the door, so you anyone near the door, will know whether it's going to move.


The GoControl Garage Door Opener is simply a Z-Wave device, not the actual door opener (it doesn't have a motor). This means you have to install it onto your existing garage door opener, not replace it with this device.

It also may not work with every model of door opener, so be sure to check on their website and/or in the comments to ensure that it will work with your garage door. The good news is that the installation is easy (Trust me, I did it with no prior garage door installation experience) and you can save money going the DIY route. That being said, if you’re looking to replace your old opener (ie. the motor/chain), this is not the device for you.

The Linear garage door opener combines uses the remote controller (the main device) and a garage door tilt sensor, which is a bit different from a regular door sensor. A regular door sensor senses opened and closing via a magnet's presence. A tilt sensor senses open and closed via an accelerometer (ie. tilt).

To get the same functionality, without buying the Linear, you’d have to buy a generic Z-Wave on/off switch and a tilt sensor for the door. Having them both in one product (ie. the Linear GD00Z-4) is pretty convenient.

Some Video Reviews

Lots of smart home aficionados have installed and reviewed Z-Wave garage door openers, such as the GD00Z-4, which can help you get a visual idea of how well the models work. Check some of them out:

In this video, you'll find some of the pros and cons of the GD00Z-4 as well as a list of garage door openers this device may not work with.

This video reviews the Linear garage door opener and goes over the installation with Nexia. It’s very thorough and professionally done, so if you use Nexia, this should be very helpful!

This one is specifically targeted at the DIY installation. It also shows how the reviewer uses it with Vera (our favorite hubs).

This last video isa very clear and concise run-down of installing the unit, and it shows how truly easy it is to install.


Your garage door can either be a weakness in your security system or an integral part of your smart home wireless network. With the GoControl Linear garage door opener, you can have the peace of mind that your garage door is connected into your wireless smart home network as well as the convenience that comes with it. With this smart device, you can control all the entrances and exits to your home, even when you’re not there! It's pretty sweet!

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