2018 Black Friday Home Automation Shopping Guide

Z-Wave Hubs

Count down to Black Friday 2018


It has begun!! Amazon started rolling out black Friday deals early this year, check out their Amazon Devices here

This might be the best z-wave black Friday deal out there right now, 27% off the most important backbone piece to any z-wave system, the switches. All GE smart switches and outlets are marked down, stock up now!!

50% off the fire TV cube...If you're going the Alexa route with your home automation voice control you will find so many amazon devices on sale this week it's going to be hard to choose. This would make a very impressive gift for only $59.99 as well.

Just grabbed 400GB of storage for cheap, check zwavezone.com for details #blackfriday

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Storage for your camera, media server, phone, tablet? you cannot beat this 68% off deal on 400GB cards, you may never need to buy storage again. ever.

Samsung smart things hub, its only 10% off, but you need a hub so why not save a few dollars.

This Schlage z-wave lock is marked down 18% right now

If you are participating in a holiday gift swap or secret Santa at home or at work, this might be the perfect solution. It's useful without a hub, so even someone who is not super into home automation can easily use this with just their phone and WiFi, and right now its only $19.99!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today!! 

Amazon added some buying guide videos for smart home tech, what do you think?

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