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The Best Z-Wave Thermostat for Your Home

By Tony / June 8, 2016

The best Z-Wave thermostat in 2018As you all know, HVAC systems are complex. They require hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of parts operating in sync to keep your home and workplace a comfortable temperature. So, why control such an intricate system with a simple switch? A standard thermostat turns the heat on when it’s below a certain […]


The Best Z-Wave Hub to Automate Your Home in 2017

By Tony / June 6, 2016

A common question I receive from people looking to get into home automation is “What’s the best Z-Wave hub?” or “What Z-Wave controller should I get?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a “one size fits all” in the home automation world, so I cannot tell you exactly what hub to get, but I can give you some suggestions to […]

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