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Creating a Smart Home in 10 Easy Steps

By Tony / January 1, 2019

Ready to Create the Smart Home of your Dreams?The “Kitchen of Tomorrow,” as promoted to 1950s housewives on film reels sponsored by GM, is all but here. The home automation touted in Epcot’s House of Innoventions is no longer just an advertisement for Whirlpool.  The Smart Home is here, and you can have it. Here are […]


Finding the Best Digital Multimeter for Your Electrical Needs

By Tony Dean / December 1, 2018

For those of us that like to take our home’s health into our own hands, owning, and using, a digital multimeter is a must. These devices are one of the best tools to have on hand for DIY projects, and can ultimately save you money in the long run by diagnosing different electrical issues in […]


How Much Does Smart Home Automation Cost?

By Tony Dean / October 22, 2018

How Much Does Smart Home Automation Cost? How Much Does Smart Home Automation Cost? Are you thinking about installing smart home automation, but wondering about the costs first? Read on to learn how much smart home automation costs. We live in the future. Our medical understanding is progressing by leaps and bounds every day, we […]


Z-Wave Smoke Detectors

By Tony Dean / September 12, 2018

Z-Wave Smoke DetectorsWith Z-Wave technology and home automation appliances taking over all residential requirements, we have shortlisted some of the best z-wave smoke detectors in the market. These smoke detectors are all easily available online. They are reasonably priced and all serve their purposes effectively and efficiently.  Further on in this article, we will be comparing […]


Inovelli Z-Wave Switch detailed review

By Tony Dean / August 17, 2018

Inovelli Smart Switch NZW30Today I am pleased to offer a review of the Inovelli smart switch, model NZW30. This is a Z-Wave switch designed to replace up to a 4 way dumb switch, and this review is for a 120V AC American market version. You can pick one up from Amazon right here or by […]

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