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Z-Wave Fan Control: The Best of The Best

By Tony / July 31, 2016

When you get into building your perfect smart home, you can fall into a rabbit hole of wanting everything to be automated. Lights, locks, thermostat, water — all of these things are easily integrated into a Z-Wave home automation system. An oft-overlooked area of smart home temperature control is the ceiling fan. You can save tons […]


The Best Z-Wave Water Valve for Your Smart Home

By Tony / July 10, 2016

So you’ve created your smart home with a bunch of wonderful products like a Z-Wave hub, a wifi thermostat, doom sensors, wifi security cameras, door locks, the works! Then, you go on vacation and use your smartphone to monitor your smart house. One day, you’re looking at the cameras and you see water everywhere! Even with all […]


The Best Z-Wave Thermostat for Your Home

By Tony / June 8, 2016

The best Z-Wave thermostat in 2018As you all know, HVAC systems are complex. They require hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of parts operating in sync to keep your home and workplace a comfortable temperature. So, why control such an intricate system with a simple switch? A standard thermostat turns the heat on when it’s below a certain […]

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