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The Top 5 Wireless Security Camera Systems On The Market

By Tony / January 9, 2017

Now a days, we are given the opportunity to experience the breakthrough of wireless technology. As technology continues to improve, advanced home security camera systems due to. In fact, that technology is at the point where they can provide excellent viewing at night, in low light, and in extremely sunny weather! Wireless technology, as it applies to security […]


The Best Motion Sensor Security Light For Your Home

By Tony / December 30, 2016

When creating a new smart home, it’s easy to start buying devices willy nilly without thinking about their use. When you’re buying like this, you could accidentally buy two separate devices like a sensor and light to accomplish a goal, instead of buying one device that does the same thing. Smart home devices can use many different […]


Why You Need a Z-Wave Doorbell and Which Are Best!

By Tony / November 29, 2016

Do you have a Z-Wave home automation system, with the latest home controller, but you but you need to add a z-wave doorbell? Then you’re in the right place! I am going to help you decide by covering the best Z-wave doorbell, as well as a non-Z-wave option as well. There is also an installation video […]


The 6 Essential Z-Wave Security Devices Your Home Needs

By Tony / August 5, 2016

When first starting to automate a home, most people focus on devices that increase their comfort like lights and HVAC systems. While that’s completely understandable, it’s also important to think about Z-Wave security. After all, Z-Wave is flexible enough to handle both your security and your comfort! For a seamlessly automated home that keeps you both safe and comfortable, you […]


What to Look for in Hidden Home Security Cameras

By Tony / June 25, 2016

Hidden home security cameras are an integral part of any home security system (or smart home). These hidden security cameras are great because they give you the ability to keep an eye on your babysitter, nanny, or kids when you are away and they can help deter criminals. A security camera is best installed in an inconspicuous space, so […]

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