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The Best Z-Wave Switch [No Neutral Required]

By Tony / December 11, 2016

UPDATE September 2018There appears to be one switch that will work without a neutral wire, but it comes with a few important caveats. I give you the EATON RF9534!  Here is the fine print:This switch only works with traditional incandescent bulbs!It has a built in non-configurable dimming function that only allows it to output 85% of the power […]


The Best Z-Wave Outlets and Why You Need One!

By Tony / September 2, 2016

If you’re a Home automation aficionado, you likely have a pretty good handle on all the different devices for your home such as light switches, sensors, thermostats, security cameras, light bulbs. But the Best Z-Wave outlets and power strips are often overlooked even though they can provide a lot of value to your smart home! The beautiful thing […]


Which Is Better? A Look At Zigbee vs Z-Wave

By Tony / June 23, 2016

When it comes to your smart home, you need all your automation products to talk to each other seamlessly while not messing up your streaming video or web surfing. There are a couple different wireless languages that allow for seamless monitoring, environment controls, and strong remote control signal strength. We’re here to help you choose the […]

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