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Z-Wave Motion Detectors

By Tony Dean / December 24, 2018

Z-Wave Motion Detector ReviewsThe Best Z-Wave Compatible Motion Sensors on the MarketWe all want to keep our family and our home safe and secure. We also crave automation. It makes our lives easier and Z-wave compatible motion sensors offer both – security and automation. For years, people have had to settle for unreliable security systems. These […]


The 2017 Smart Home Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping Guide

By Tony / November 15, 2017

Last Updated: November 11/26/17 at 2:00pM EST See The Deals Skip the words and see the deals by clicking the button above ^^Two of the biggest and most extravagant shopping days of the year are coming up quick;Black Friday and Cyber Monday!Black Friday 2017 is 11/24/17 and Cyber Monday 2017 is 11/27/17, which means we’re […]


The Best And Newest Z-Wave Hubs of 2017

By Tony / October 26, 2017

Advancements in technology are racing into the future with home automation, and Z-Wave hubs are leading the market. With better, faster, more cost-efficient, and cheaper home automation options, the future is here while providing a fun way to control your living environment.Home Automation and Z-WaveFor decades, most commercial buildings have used automation to control things […]


An In-Depth Look at Z-Wave Technologies

By Tony / August 14, 2017

The darling child of home automation, Z-Wave technology has been at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement for over a decade. Despite ever-increasing competition over the home automation sector, Z-Wave has managed to stay ahead of its competitors and currently has 70% of the smart home market. With its low frequency and […]

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