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The Smart Device Every Home Needs: Smoke Detectors

By Tony / November 6, 2016

When you’re creating the perfect smart home, you’re looking for peace of mind, convenience, and the “cool” factor. In a nutshell, I’d say home automation is knowing your home is ready to take care of your needs (and it’s) even when you’re not at home. That being said, it’s easy to get caught up in all the […]


The Best Smart Home Locks Your Home Needs in 2017!

By Tony / October 16, 2016

When crafting a perfectly automated smart home, security is absolutely vital. And to achieve that security, the first place to start is your communication protocol (ie. Z-Wave, Zigbee, etc.).  After that, you’ll want to start looking at smart home locks, as they are some of the most important security devices in your home. Fortunately, there are […]


The Essential Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors Your Home Needs

By Tony / October 13, 2016

Fixtures, switches, cameras, sensors – there are many different smart home devices out there.  When you begin your home automation adventure, it’s easy to get sucked in by all the different devices available. After all, you probably want to start planning your perfectly synchronized, comfortable, and safe home. With all of the products available, some of the most overlooked are Z-Wave door and window […]


5 Ways Home Automation Can Be a Lifesaver While on Vacation

By Tony / October 4, 2016

Home automation is an amazing hobby. With it, you can do virtually anything you set your mind to. Do you want your home to automatically cool down prior to your arrival or your exterior lights to turn on at dusk? How about both? Regardless of what you want to accomplish, it can be done, albeit with a little […]


Review: Linear Garage Door Opener GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Controller

By Tony / October 1, 2016

The world of home automation is huge! There are so many products out there, so much you can do with them, so many different ways of configuring everything, that it can be extremely overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost creating, editing, and changing scenes or finding the perfect angles for all your cameras that certain things can […]

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