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The Best Wifi Thermostat Without a C-Wire

By Tony / July 2, 2016

So you’ve decided on dragging your old home into the 21st century with some home automation, congrats! It’s really exciting if you’re going the DIY route and installing your devices yourself. Most projects are as simple as installing a light switch, but some can get more complicated. One of the toughest projects is your thermostat, especially a […]


The Best Z-Wave Hub to Automate Your Home in 2017

By Tony / June 6, 2016

A common question I receive from people looking to get into home automation is “What’s the best Z-Wave hub?” or “What Z-Wave controller should I get?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a “one size fits all” in the home automation world, so I cannot tell you exactly what hub to get, but I can give you some suggestions to […]

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