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Why You Need a Z-Wave Doorbell and Which Are Best!

By Tony / November 29, 2016

Do you have a Z-Wave home automation system, with the latest home controller, but you but you need to add a z-wave doorbell? Then you’re in the right place! I am going to help you decide by covering the best Z-wave doorbell, as well as a non-Z-wave option as well. There is also an installation video […]


The Top Tech Thermostat Every Home Needs

By Tony / September 10, 2016

No smart home is complete without a smart tech thermostat – especially one with humidity control and other smart sensors. You can have the best security, a bunch of smart lights, and cameras galore, but if the brain of a smart home is the hub, then the heart of a smart home is the thermostat. With […]


Types of Smart Devices and How to Use Them [Infographic]

By Tony / September 6, 2016

Smart homes have taken the world by storm, but if you’re new to home automation, you may be wondering “what types of smart devices are out there?” And “how do you use them?” ​Well, wonder no longer!  In this infographic you’ll learn all about the smart devices you can add to your home and some examples […]


The Best Z-Wave Outlets and Why You Need One!

By Tony / September 2, 2016

If you’re a Home automation aficionado, you likely have a pretty good handle on all the different devices for your home such as light switches, sensors, thermostats, security cameras, light bulbs. But the Best Z-Wave outlets and power strips are often overlooked even though they can provide a lot of value to your smart home! The beautiful thing […]

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