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How to Set up a Z-Wave System: A Beginner’s Guide

By Tony / August 17, 2016

Do you want to bring your home into the 21st century by making it smart? The fact that you found this article, makes me think you do, which is fantastic! Not only that, but deciding to get a Z-Wave system is a great first step! ..But, now what? If you’re confused about how to set up a Z-Wave […]


Z-Wave Fan Control: The Best of The Best

By Tony / July 31, 2016

When you get into building your perfect smart home, you can fall into a rabbit hole of wanting everything to be automated. Lights, locks, thermostat, water — all of these things are easily integrated into a Z-Wave home automation system. An oft-overlooked area of smart home temperature control is the ceiling fan. You can save tons […]


The Best Z-Wave Outdoor Motion Sensor Available [2019 updates]

By Tony Dean / July 31, 2016

There are many different ways to manage and secure your home. After all, many new wireless home security systems have been popping up over the past few years and Z-Wave is one of the most popular. With Z-Wave, you can quickly make your home safe and secure thanks to the help of Z-Wave outdoor motion sensors, door […]


39 of the Best Z-Wave Devices for Home Automation [UPDATED]

By Tony / June 14, 2016

Home automation is a phrase often used to describe complete control of a home. And for most people, that’s exactly what they’re looking to accomplish when setting up a Z-Wave network. The challenge with a new setup, is sorting through hundreds of products and reviews to find the best Z-Wave devices. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. […]


The Best Z-Wave Thermostat for Your Home

By Tony / June 8, 2016

The best Z-Wave thermostat in 2018As you all know, HVAC systems are complex. They require hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of parts operating in sync to keep your home and workplace a comfortable temperature. So, why control such an intricate system with a simple switch? A standard thermostat turns the heat on when it’s below a certain […]

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