How Do You Choose The Best Z-Wave Alarm Siren?

Z-Wave alarm siren

Z-Wave alarm sirens are an essential part of any home automation set up. Not only because they can be used to deter an intruder, but also because they can notify you of flooding, fire, or even motion, if desired.

The beautiful thing about Z-Wave home automation, is that you can hook up any device to be a trigger for a siren. The only limit you have is your imagination.

Since there are so many things you can do with Z-Wave alarm sirens and there are just as many different ones available, you want to make sure you choose a good one.

What To Look For In a Z-Wave Alarm Siren

  • How many decibels is the siren?

    Most modern sirens are very loud. Primarily because the louder they are, the more apt you are to hear them. What you want to look for is the decibel rating at 1m. This is the standard measurement for most sirens.

    If you're like me, using the word decibel as a unit of measurement, doesn't mean a whole lot. So, to give you an idea as to how loud that is, a normal conversation at 1 meter is about 60-65 decibels, a lawn mower is about 95 decibels, and a rock concert is about 115 decibels. For more information about decibels, check this link out.
  • Does it feature a strobe?

    A strobe isn't necessarily needed in a Z-Wave siren, but it's one of those features that are nice to have. For example, if you have headphones on chances are you'll still hear the siren going off, but if you have super high-end, noise cancelling headphones, you might not. In that case, a strobe light would be highly effective in getting your attention.

  • Does it include a battery backup?

    In our opinion, a battery backup in an Z-Wave alarm siren is a requirement. If you have a siren that doesn't have a backup battery and the power went out, it would be completely useless. If an intruder knew this, they could completely disable your alarm just by cutting the power.

Our Favorite Z-Wave Alarm Sirens

Top Pick: GoControl Z-Wave Siren & Strobe


  • Features a 105 Decibel Siren
  • Battery Backup Built In
  • 360 Lumen LED Strobe Light


  • Set Up Can Be a Bit Challenging

GoControl's siren and strobe is a high-quality, feature rich Z-Wave alarm siren. This little device measures just 5.4" x 4.7" x 3.4" but it packs a huge punch. The siren is rated at 105dB from 1m and it has a 4 LED, 360 lumen strobe built in. Basically, if you want a device that can't be missed, this is it.

Besides the fact that this siren is loud and bright, it also features a back up battery, a long power cord, and a tamper resistant design. GoControl clearly thought of everything with this device. You simply cannot go wrong with it.


  • 105dB siren, so the alarm can be heard throughout the house... or at least throughout a floor.
  • 360 lumen strobe for those times you have noise cancelling headphones in. The strobe and the siren can be fired independently, if desired.
  • The power cord is very long, so you don't need to be too close to an outlet if you don't want to.
  • The cord automatically charges the internal battery, so you never need to worry about the backup battery being charged should the power go out.

What Others Say

Customer Review

I have had this system for about a year now. The system is simple to put in and use. I have door sensors, motion detectors, remote control lights, and a smoke/carbon monoxide detector on the system. I have an android phone system with the Wink app and can activate or deactivate the system from anywhere. I can even receive alerts at my daughter's home on the east coast. I also installed a camera system from Costco so I can turn on the remote camera app (Lorex System) and see what is going on in and around my house. What a wonderful system and I don't have to pay an alarm company to monitor it, I do that myself for free.



GoControl really hit the nail on the head with this Z-Wave alarm siren. They got virtually everything right, which is why it's our top pick. If you want to include a siren or strobe in your smart home network, this is the one for you. You definitely won't be disappointed!

Runner Up: Aeon Labs ZW080-A17 Z-Wave Siren


  • 106dB Siren
  • Built In Back Up Battery
  • Plugs Into An Outlet Directly


  • No Strobe

Aeon Labs makes some pretty fantastic Z-Wave devices and this siren is no exception. It's very loud, very easy to set up (just plug it in), and it's well designed. The only issue we have with, and the reason it's not our favorite siren, is because it doesn't feature a strobe light.


  • 106dB siren, because they wanted to be just one decibel higher than GoControl.
  • Back up battery for times when the power goes out.
  • This siren plugs directly into an outlet, so you don't need to run a gaudy cord or find a spot close enough to an outlet. You just need to find a single outlet that isn't used often.

What Others Say

Customer Review

I have no trouble paired it with my Smartthings hub. I like the concept, design, and engineer of this product. Very clean and good looking. The size is smaller than I expected which is good. The only draw back of this product is it cannot instruct to speak certain thing. I wish it has a function that as soon as I enter the house (along with the use of doorwindow sensor) it will speak 'Welcome home William!'



While Aeon Labs' siren doesn't feature a strobe, it's still a very solid, very loud Z-Wave alarm siren that does it's job well. I would suggest this siren to anyone that doesn't want to run a cord and doesn't need a strobe.

Other Options

Everspring Z-Wave Indoor Siren

This Z-Wave siren from Everspring, is a top notch device. It features an adjustable 100dB siren, a tamper resistant alarm, and a "strobe". It's easy to set up and about the same price as the GoControl siren.

The reason we don't prefer this siren is the fact that it's battery powered, so if it dies, it dies, and the strobe is just a flashing red LED; Not a real strobe light. Not only that, but it's basically the same price as GoControl's Z-Wave siren, so you amy as well buy theirs.

Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm

Fortrezz went all out with this siren. It features a 110dB siren, a very bright strobe light, a backup batter, and a long power cord. It's a very feature filled siren at a very affordable price!

The problem we have with this unit is that features a 9V battery back up instead of a rechargeable battery. This can be a problem because it can die without you realizing. Not only that, but it's rather infamous for it's hub incompatibility. If you decide on this unit, check that your hub works first.

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