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Inovelli switch

Inovelli Smart Switch NZW30

Today I am pleased to offer a review of the Inovelli smart switch, model NZW30. This is a Z-Wave switch designed to replace up to a 4 way dumb switch, and this review is for a 120V AC American market version. You can pick one up from Amazon right here or by clicking the image below.

Right up front I will say this switch performs the same function as many others, there is no killer difference in functionality here when compared to other current gen Z-Wave Plus products. That being said there are a few key things to mention. 


  • Great instructions, fully illustrated and clearly explained with online and paper setup instructions for all the popular hubs
  • Top notch packaging, all assembled and more importantly WRITTEN in America
  • Z-Wave plus for extra range


  • inovelli claims you won't get some functionality in the current Samsung smarthings app, only the classic app, but I did not experience this
  • Requires neutral wire (like all Z-Wave switches)

Unboxing and installation

The packaging was great and felt really well done. All the copy was written by the guys at Inovelli in the USA, so for English speakers it's a great thing, no more botched translations or image only instructions. Read more about Inovelli right here

Inovelli switch unopened package
Inovelli package open
inovelli switch full contents

The package contains everything you need, including two colors of paddle and wall plate, and a neutral jumper wire. Also included are comprehensive instructions which you can preview below. The documentation is fantastic on this, but if you are a non-English speaker be aware it only comes in English. I wont bother to make a new installation video since there are so many good ones, here is an overview video.

So in summary, this is a solid switch, with above average documentation and product support. If you like the idea of supporting a product that is designed in the USA and backed by all local support staff, this is the switch for you.  Thanks for reading!

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