6 Awesome Lesser Known Z- Wave Devices

Less Known Z-Wave Devices

So you’ve got your Z-Wave hub and all the basics installed in your home, now what? Z-Wave technology has endless possibilities; the fun doesn’t have to end there! From lights, doors, windows, music, television and more, there are so many ways to automate your home, make your life easier and impress your friends all at the same time.

Once you are all set with Z-Wave technology, you will find so many ways to streamline your life. Here are just six of the lesser known ways Z- Wave can make your home that much more awesome:

Z-Wave Sprinkler System

Looking for an easy way to keep your lawn lush and green? Want to be more eco-friendly, or just have a way to save on your water bill? Have a black thumb and need a way to keep your yard alive? Z- Wave technology is perfect for you then!

Far more than simply setting a timer for your plants, Z-Wave allows your sprinklers to automatically check the forecasted weather and adjust your water schedule accordingly. If you are on vacation when there is a sudden downpour or heatwave at home, you no longer have to worry about wasted water or a dead lawn when you come back.

Z-Wave technology also can take the guess-work out of watering for you. Many sprinkler system models allow you to input soil type, sun exposure and plant type, and they will set up the most ideal water timer for you. Rather than having to research and lay out individual timers, they can put together the most ideal watering conditions for your individual yard.

You can save up to 80% on your watering bill just by using Z-Wave technology. Between being able to predict weather and set ideal conditions for your yard, your lawn is bound to be the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, the environment and your pocketbook will thank you too.

While not Z-Wave compatible, Rachio's smart sprinkler system (shown above) do work with many Z-Wave Hubs.

Z- Wave Glass Breakage Sensor

Whether you are gone for a couple hours or a couple months, it is easy to worry whether your home, valuables and loved ones are safe and secure. Z-Wave technology can offer you that peace of mind. Glass breakage sensors will alert you in the event that some glass has broken, whether a window, glass door or a glass object within the vicinity of the sensor.

Although purchased for peace of mind, sometimes alarms can cause more alarm than ever by needlessly going off. Not so with Z-Wave glass breakage sensors. Not only are they able to detect when glass has been broken, but their ground-breaking sensitive system makes false-alarms much less likely. Using Z-Wave means not being needlessly worried when a sensor sets off an alarm where no glass has been broken.

Furthermore, sensors like the GoControl's work within a 12-foot radius. Unlike many other sensors, which require setting up on each individual glass, Z-Wave can monitor multiple windows and glass doors at once. Easier set up and a sleeker look make Z-wave an even more attractive choice when it comes to choosing what devices to use to keep your home safe and secure.

Z-Wave Home Energy Monitor

Not only can using Z-Wave save you money on water, but there are devices that can save you money on energy as well. Too often we use excess amounts of energy in ways that we don’t even realize, which ends up costing us on our energy bill as well as hurting the environment. By tracking exactly where our energy is being spent and when, we can reduce our waste, often painlessly.

Devices such as the Aeotec Home Energy Meter attach to your mainline and immediately start reporting your energy usage. You can read its results easily from your computer/hub. It is built to withstand outdoor weather conditions and cannot be ruined in the rain or by being near a breaker box. Plus, the newer versions now work over an even longer range!

Be sure to read the instructions carefully when installing an energy monitor. Most devices do require installation by an electrician, since it does connect with the electric box. However, they do give thorough and easy-to-follow directions to make installation as simple as possible.

Z-Wave technology not only can save you money, but is great for the planet as well by reducing waste!

Z-Wave Pin Hinge Door Sensor

The ultimate in home automation, the Z-Wave Pin Hinge Door Sensor is sure to bring your home into the 21st century. Offering comfort and safety, the door sensor has something for everyone.

This is a very unique door sensor that can do your bidding the second you walk in the door, or leave the house. It can turn on the lights when you walk into your home, for example, or it can turn off the lights when you leave, if you are often in a rush or have a tendency to forget (or maybe both!). Its sleek design also helps it to blend in on the door and is easy to install.

Not only can it make your home instantly more welcoming when you walk in, it can also alert you if your door has been opened while you are away. Whenever your door has been opened past 90 degrees, it will notify you of any activity. Its safety features can give you confidence while you are away that your house, or any door you choose to install it onto, is secure.

Z-Wave LED Controller

Since you have made the first smart move by installing LED lights in your home, take it to the next level by pairing it with your new Z- Wave technology.

Controllers like this one from Fibaro allow you to adjust brightness and color in your LED, RGB, or even halogen lights. It also can be used to support up to four sensors, such as temperature, wind, air quality or light sensor.

The controller also allows you to monitor energy consumption for each bulb, letting you see exactly where your energy is going and make lighting changes accordingly. Not only for convenience, yet again Z-Wave works to save you money.

The really nice thing about this sensor is that you can use it to control any LED strip or set of strips, which you can buy absurdly cheap!​

Z-Wave Swipe Controller

Not only can you now automate your home to one device, but this controller from Fibaro allows you to do so without even having to touch a screen!

A swipe controller allows you to control your home using six gestures- up, down, left, right, circle left or circle right. You can program them to turn on or off lights, raising or lowering blinds, controlling music or TV, running whole automation features, or whatever else you want automated at your fingertips.

The pad can be placed wherever throughout your home and looks like a framed picture. You can load whatever picture you desire, and change as often as you would like, to make it seamlessly blend into your home when not in use. You can even hide this controller behind a cabinet!

Automate Your Home with Z-Wave

These are just six examples of the way Z-Wave technology can streamline your life, give you peace of mind AND save you money. With thousands of Z-Wave products on the market today, it has never been easier or more sensible to automate your home!

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