Looking for a Z-Wave Robot Vacuum?

z-wave robot vacuum

Looking for a z-wave Robot Vacuum? 

I was too.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are currently (Feb 2019) no Z-Wave enabled robot vacuums on the market that I can find. Sorry. 


There are of course tons of great options for robot vacs out there, our list is here, but there are other great lists and roundups too. 

However, if you still really need the z-wave connectivity for your robot vac, you could make it happen with a little DIY circuitry. 

Check out this post over at z-uno, they add an arduino based controller that allows communication between a roomba and a z-wave network. Pretty slick. 

z wave robot vacuum

There is also a discussion on this topic on the SmartThings forum that may be of interest, but again it's a roll your own type of solution. 

Here is my question to you:

What do you want to accomplish by having a z-wave robot vacuum?

If you are looking to control and schedule your vacuum via z-wave, why? You can already probably control it via voice and google home or alexa, and by its own app, what would adding a z-wave radio do for you? If you have other questions or ideas for why a z-wave robot vacuum is something the world needs, please drop a comment and let's discuss. 

Or better yet...

Join us in the enthusiast group on facebook for a discussion of this and all things z-wave related. 

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