Neato vs Roomba – Which Company Makes the Best Robotic Vacuum?

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The popularity of robotic vacuums only continues to grow, and as it does the question remains: which robotic vacuum is a cut above the rest? Neato and Roomba are the two most popular robotic vacuums on the market. Let’s take a look at which of these top brands really makes the best robotic vacuum.

A Basic Introduction

Early 1990s robotic solutions and bomb disposal is how Roomba - known as iRobot - got it’s start. Roomba, made by iRobot, makes one of the industry’s leading robotic vacuums, as well as a wide range of military defense industry devices, and even a line of automatic pool cleaners.

Neato Robotics got its start a little later, in 2010. Although Neato is a much smaller company than Roomba, it has a more specialized focus on the development and execution of automatic vacuum design. For this comparison, The Neato XV-21 and the Roomba 700 are the two automatic vacuum cleaners that we’re going to use as examples for this dissection.

Design Comparison

In comparing these two particular models, the Neato XV-21 and the Roomba 700, the Neato vacuum offers an easier to use design. This is because the Neato has square backed corners that are more effective at cleaning in the corners of a room than the circular design of the Roomba. This means that using the Roomba might mean going in behind it to clean the corners—whereas that’s not the case with the Neato model.

Suction Power

In direct suction power, the Roomba is a close second. However, the Neato model once again takes the cake and has the strongest suction power of the two. However, the suction power can change from one model to the next, so its best to consider the most recent reviews of automated vacuums, and with suction power in particular both the Roomba and Neato brands are considered among the most effective overall.

Battery Life

An automated vacuum is only as effective as its battery life. The Neato and Roomba both have power docks where they can automatically navigate to and attach to in order to recharge.

In terms of effectiveness at accomplishing this task, the Neato is more likely to get stuck as it docks itself than the Roomba. Therefore, even though it technically docks faster than the Roomba, the Roomba is more consistent and doesn’t as easily get snagged as it docks, which means that its less likely to run down too low on battery life without you keeping an eye on it.


Not all Neato and Roomba models are the same in price, and once again it’s ideal to compare specific models in order to determine the most up-to-date pricing between them. The Neato XV-21 has a retail price of $429. The Roomba 700 models range from $500-$600 retail price. So in terms of which model is the best in price, the Neato is cheaper overall.

So, which is the better vacuum? According to these specific factors, the Neato XV-21 is the better choice overall. However, if there is one particular feature that you’re looking for the best in, such as effective automatic docking or what the maintenance looks like for the device, then be sure to compare that specific characteristic between models to find the best fit for you.

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