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smart oil gauge

Keep tabs on your oil tank!

I think we can all agree going into your basement to check your heating oil gauge is no fun at all. Thankfully that's no longer your only option, and this article will outline how to avoid ever doing that again. 

We are going to be covering a smart oil gauge manufactured by Connected Consumer  Fuels that will keep an eye on your heating oil for you. 

Here is the reality for heating oil users:

  1. The tank is not in a convenient spot in your home 
  2. You have to keep an eye on the fuel level to keep your house warm
  3. You want to be able to do it while you're not actually in the house.

The smart oil gauge from Connected Consumer fuel gives you all these features and more.

smart oil gauge

Installing the smart oil gauge

Installation cannot be easier, this gauge just screws into an existing hole in almost any oil tank. You will only need a pipe wrench and some thread sealer, both of which can be found at any home store or on Amazon (wrench) (thread seal). 

In almost every oil tank out there you will find at least one plug in the top of the tank, using the pipe wrench remove the plug, and then place the wifi oil gauge in its place, simple right? Here is a video guide if you want to see a step by step walk through.

The Smart Oil Gauge app

So now its installed, and you're wondering how to use your new toy to keep an eye on your fuel oil.

The app from the manufacturer is simple and straightforward to install and configure, one suggestion is to do it before you install the gauge on your tank so you don't have to do the install in the basement! You will need to be able to reach the button inside the unit to do the setup and that might be hard if its already on the tank. Full instructions here.

So what does the app do for you?

  1. Shows you how much oil is currently in the tank 
  2. Shows you how much you have used over time
  3. Shows you the level of oil in the tank over time

What doesn't the app do?

  1. Alert you when oil reaches a certain level
  2. Allow you to download data on your oil consumption

It's got the basics in place, but it missing a few things I hope they add in the future. I tried using Alexa to set up a reminder when my fuel reached a certain level but it wasn't able to do it. You might be able to achieve this via IFTT or other 3rd party service. 

smart oil gauge unboxing

I know it's not a Z-Wave device, but it's a great option for tracking your heating oil use and making sure you order oil at the right time. I use this thing all the time and can attest it's performing well and I really like being able to check my tank whenever I think of it, not just when I happen to be down in the basement. 

Grab your Smart Oil Gauge now and stop worrying!

These devices ship from the USA, and are designed and assembled here as well. If you ever need to contact the company they stand behind their products.

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