How to Use Vera Voice Control

Setting up your devices and hubs for home automation is just the beginning of your home running on its own. The best part comes with the capability to control the different devices and attributes of your home with a few simple voice commands.

Vera home controllers will create/connect to your home automation network with a few simple steps. The best part of Vera is that you can control your home security, temperature, lights, and much more by speaking as you do each and every day.

How to Control Vera By Voice

With Vera, there are many ways you can control your devices via Voice: via VeraMate, Amazon Echo, or Google Home.

The only downside to controlling Vera via voice commands, is the process of setting it up. Unfortunately, there is no "quick set up" for any of the three options, but if you take the time to do it, controlling your home automation devices by voice is awesome!​

To get started with voice control on Vera, check out these links:

Vera’s Voice Control Commands

Once Vera is set up and activated, you can speak to the device you set up (Alexa, Google Home, VeraMate) as you would speak normally. Controlling Vera is as simple as using effective keywords.

To activate Vera, you start by telling Vera what you want her do to. Use keywords like
“on”, “off”, “activate”, “run”, “close”, or “open”. After you tell Vera what action you want her to take, let her know what device you are referring to. For example, stating “turn on lights” will turn on any lights that Vera controls.

You can also set a appropriate dimness for lights using the “percentage” voice command. For example “turn on bathroom light to 50%” will turn on the light in the bathroom to half power.

For specific commands, check out the links above to the device you are using.​

What Can Vera Control?

Vera can virtually run your entire household with minimal issues. Vera is also compatible with other devices like Amazon Alexa, and simply gives you additional control into your home automation.

Use Vera in conjunction with Alexa to make your house fully automated.

  1. In the Kitchen
    You can use Vera to control all lights. Turning them off and on while you are in a different room, or even away from home is one of the great things about home automation.

  2. Home Security
    Home security becomes incredibly easy with Vera. You will no longer worry that your home is at risk for break ins when you aren’t around. Vera will alert you to unauthorized entries, and, depending on the system that you utilize, will alert emergency services as well.

    You can also use Vera as a way to keep peace of mind when dealing with children or relatives that need a little extra help. Security cameras will allow you to see when people arrive, leave, and what they are up to while you aren’t at home.

    This also comes in handy for our furry friends as well! Never worry about your pet getting into trouble, and you coming home to a surprise – Vera will show you everything through the power of security cameras.

  3. Control Temperatures
    One of the great things about utilizing Vera is the ability to turn your thermostat up, down, on, or off, all depending on your preference.

  4. Lock All Doors
    All your doors that are connected to a home automation system, and never wonder again if you forgot to lock up before a vacation.

What’s amazing about the Vera system is the ability that you can hook it up so you never have to lift a finger or push a button. You speak to Alexa or Google Home, and Vera listens, and will do exactly what is required to keep your home safe and running smoothly.

Vera is a great hub and perfect for any home automation system!

We’d love to hear about any additional features you use Vera for in your home automation in the comments below!

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