3 Ways You Can Use a Z-Wave Door Sensor

3 Ways You Can Use a Z-Wave Door Sensor

Smart home technology is becoming more and more dynamic in how it can help make your life and your home that much more convenient and secure. A Z-Wave door sensor is just one way to accomplish this, and you can use it these three different ways to get insights into your home.

Comings and Goings

A door sensor on your front or back door, or even your garage door, can let you know whenever someone comes or goes in your house. Perhaps you have a dog sitter stopping by your home or you want to know when your kids get home from school.

A Z-Wave door sensor can let you know exactly when someone enters or leaves your home, providing you that extra bit of insight into the goings on around your home.

Intruder Alert

Another benefit of door sensors that smarten up your home is that it can provide you timely insight into break-ins while you are away. These sensors work on your doors, as well as on any windows that you believe are large enough or potentially accessible for intruders.

If you are looking for security insights, Z-Wave door sensors are a great option. You can even connect these sensors to a siren, so that whenever an intruder is detected they might get scared away solely from the triggered sounds.

You can connect these to your alarm system as well, to trigger a message to authorities, so that the police will be called automatically.

Weather Ward

There’s a lot to prepare when you get ready for your day. Your appearance, your coffee, and the notes you’ve prepared for your big meeting later that day are all taking priority over things like the weather forecast for three in the afternoon.

However, Z-Wave door sensors can help you detect whether or not you’ve left a window open in your house, while you’re away, in the event of bad weather. That little nugget of insight can help you know to ask for a fifteen, so that you can run home and shut your windows, making sure that no upholstery or other articles end up getting any kind of water or weather damage through a window that you’ve accidentally left open.


Security and management of your home are that much easier with the help of a Z-Wave door sensor.

You can partner it with a wide range of other Z-Wave devices to help make your home that much more secure, and make operations in it that much more convenient for you to take advantage of.

If at any point during the installation process you have questions or concerns, be sure to contact a smart house specialist or even an electrician to make sure that you are installing your devices correctly and safely. You can also leave a comment here, and we'd be happy to help! 🙂

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