The 6 Essential Z-Wave Security Devices Your Home Needs

Six Essential Z-Wave Security Devices Your Home Needs

When first starting to automate a home, most people focus on devices that increase their comfort like lights and HVAC systems. While that’s completely understandable, it's also important to think about Z-Wave security. After all, Z-Wave is flexible enough to handle both your security and your comfort!

For a seamlessly automated home that keeps you both safe and comfortable, you need the best smart security features. And for the strongest network and reliable connectivity, you need Z-Wave security. Let’s look at some of the best smart home security devices that use the Z-Wave protocol.

Z-Wave Smart Locks

When it comes to smart security features, the first thing most people think about is locks, with good reason. When building your Z-Wave security system, you need to find a reliable lock that will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your devices, allow you remote access, and let you program entry pin codes for family and guests.

There are several options when it comes to smart door locks. You can choose between pin code locks with actual buttons, non-pin locks that only operate via Z-Wave, and touch screen locks that are stylish and help you avoid the issue of pin code buttons wearing down.

Most Z-Wave security locks come with a traditional key slot built in as a backup, however, if you prefer the slick look of a lock without a key slot, they make those as well! Whether you prefer lever locks or deadbolts, key slots or pin locks, you won't have trouble finding a Z-Wave security lock. In fact, most are available in multiple finishes, so they'll even match any decor!

The Best Z-Wave Smart Locks

Of the Z-Wave door locks out there, Yale and Schlage are the leading competitors, with Kwikset not too far behind. In general, keypads are less expensive than touch screens, deadbolts are less expensive than lever locks, and keyed entry locks are less expensive than keyless.

Here's our favorite:​

Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

The Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt is a fantastic Z-Wave security lock. It features a programmable touch screen pin system, a manual key backup, a built in alarm, a stylish design, and it's all backed by a great company. This device is a personal favorite of ours here at Z-Wave Zone. You simply cannot go wrong with it. It also comes in many different colors, so it can blend into any home!

Home Security Cameras

Another huge component of most Z-Wave security systems are the cameras, which can be remotely viewed and controlled on your tablet or smartphone. Smart cameras can vary widely in price and features, though, so choosing the best for your home will depend on your needs and budget.

Basic security cameras sit at a fixed point and usually feature a wide angle or fish eye lens. They’re usually available in indoor and outdoor varieties. You can also get pan and tilt cameras that can move to show different angles or even follow an object. These types of cameras usually don't have as wide of a field of view as fixed cameras, but the ability to pan and tilt helps you see more of an area. As for outdoor security cameras, it's best to get one with built in night vision, so you can always see what's going on.

Here's our favorite:

Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P Wireless IP Camera

The Foscam C1 720p Wireless IP Camera is one of the highest quality wifi cameras you can get at a very affordable price. This camera regularly sells for $50-$60 and features a wide 115 degree view as well as night vision. The setup is quick and simple with the Foscam app and often times it can be integrated directly into your Z-Wave hub via 3rd party plugins.

Z-Wave Motion Sensors

Most people think of motion sensors as being used for outside lights or cameras to watch for intruders, but, while that’s definitely a useful application, they can have tons of other uses in a smart home.

For example, you can set up your motion sensors to send you push notifications when motion is detected. That way, you are always aware of what's going on in your home while you're away. Motion sensors can also trigger other events like turning on different smart devices like like lights and fans.

When deciding on a good Z-Wave motion detector, you want to look for features like sensitivity (ie. Will it give you false alters?), ease of install (ie. Does it need to be hard wired?), and whether it features additional sensors (ie. temperature and humidity).

Here is our favorite:

Fibaro Z-Wave FGMS-001 Motion Sensor

The Fibaro Z-Wave FGMS-001 Motion Sensor is a high quality sensor that detects not only motion, but also temperature and light. This is a great motion sensor that can be completely customized to fit any smart home. You can use it to detect if there is a certain amount of light in a room, which can then trigger your shades to open or a different light to turn on. And you could even use to detect if the temperature needs to increase in a room, which could then turn on your thermostat. This is a very versatile motion sensor, that we highly suggest for your Z-Wave security system!

Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors

These sensors are the mainstay of your Z-Wave security system because they’re usually the first line of defense against unlawful entry as well as crucial components of the whole security network in general. With Z-Wave door and window sensors, you can trip other devices like alarms, cameras, or lights.

Most sensors are set up to fit either a door or a window, as they consist of only two parts, one on the moving part of the door or window and the other on the frame. When the two parts are separated, the sensor knows the window or door is open. Some door and window sensors can even be install directly in the door, so you don't notice them.

Here's our favorite:

Ecolink DWZWAVE2-ECO Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor 

The Ecolink DWZWAVE2-ECO Door and Window sensor is a very affordable, relatively small, sensor that works with virtually every Z-Wave hub out there. These feature a small red LED that blinks every time the door or window is opened or closed, so you can know just by glancing if the door sensor was tripped. You could also just look at the door and see if it is open ;).

Z-Wave Flood and Leak Sensors

These Z-Wave security sensors monitor pipes, both gas and water, and they can detect leaks to determine if they need to automatically shut off a valve. With a smart flood sensor, you can have peace of mind when you go on vacation because if a household disaster were to happen such as a burst pipe, your water would be automatically shut off.

A gas sensor works the same as a flood sensor (and often times one device can work on both gas lines and water lines), only protecting from leaking gas instead of water, obviously. There are two main types of smart flood sensors: easy retrofit sensors that turn an existing valve, and sensors that replace a valve and are installed directly into the pipe. Both types can be controlled remotely, so you can shut off water or gas after you’ve already left on vacation, for example.

Here's our favorite:​

Zooz Z-Wave Plus Gas/Water Valve Control ZAC03

The Jinvoo Z-Wave Plus Gas/Water Valve is a top notch valve that can protect your home from complete disaster! This affordable device can be used on either a water valve or a gas valve, since it retrofits right onto an existing line. Because of this, the install is usually something a homeowner can handle without having to call a professional!

Z-Wave Smoke Sensors

Like a smart water sensor, these Z-Wave devices might not seem like their needed for security, but a smart smoke detector is important for peace of mind. These Z-Wave security sensors are dedicated to smoke or carbon monoxide, just like the old fashioned smoke detectors you probably have in your home already.

The only difference with Z-Wave detectors is that they can send you a notification if they detect smoke or carbon monoxide and you can even hook them into your smart home and have them contact the authorities if you choose. Some will even let you know when the battery is low, so you’re not awoken by annoying chirping at 3am! With Z-Wave connectivity, a smart smoke detector can trigger events like turning on sprinklers or lighting an escape route.

Here's our favorite:​

First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a top notch Z-Wave device. It works exactly as intended in the sense that it detects smoke and carbon monoxide. The Z-Wave sensor simply adds the ability to customize how the detector works so it can trigger events like push notifications, calls, lights, and more. This device is also one of the most affordable in the smart smoke detector world!


When you want your smart home to be perfectly connected, you choose Z-Wave devices. When you want your smart home to be connected and safe, you need Z-Wave security devices.

Installing smart locks, cameras, and sensors can give you the peace of mind to be able to enjoy your vacation and not worry should you see a police car or fire truck driving down your street.

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