8 Unique Types of Z-Wave Sensors

8 Unique Types of Z-Wave Sensors

When it comes to home automation with Z-Wave technologies, the possibilities are endless. Z-Wave sensors have the ability to improve your home no matter what your priority is in home automation: security, safety, or saving money. Here is a look at some innovative sensors to improve your home and your life:

Door and Window Sensor

When it comes to home security, Z-Wave door and window sensors will give you the peace of mind that you need. Sensors, like this one from Ecolink, will alert you when a door or window has been opened or closed. It can be connected with your other Z-Wave devices, so it can boost whatever security you already have in place.

If you have a tendency to forget shutting doors and windows, a quick check of your controller will let you know if you have left any open. It can also warn you if you have forgotten to close said doors or windows after a certain time period. Not only can this bring additional security to your home, but it can also help bring an end to those “did I forget to shut the door?” moments when you are out or even in bed at night!

Glass Breakage Sensor

Not only can Z-Wave sensors alert you if a window is open, but they can also let you know if they have been shattered. Z-Wave glass breakage sensors, like this one from GoControl, will alert you if glass has been broken within a 12-foot radius of the sensor.

Because it is so sensitive to everything in a 12-foot radius, installation is not needed on each glass surface.  This cuts down both on the bulk on your window or glass door, and it allows you to monitor your home with less equipment.

Tilt Sensor

Just as the door and window sensor is ideal for both those wanting extra security and those who are forgetful, tilt sensors offer the same protection.

Tilt sensors, such as this one from Ecolink, attach to the garage door (or mailbox) in order to detect when it has been opened or closed. The tilt sensor will notify you if your door has been opened, offering even more security for your home. It is also convenient to check for those times when you cannot remember if you closed your garage door or not! You can even hook it up to control your garage door with a little help from other Z-Wave devices.

Motion Sensor

Z-Wave takes your motion sensor to the next level by providing you with extra peace of mind and security according to your preferences. You can adjust the motion sensor, like Fibaro’s here, to trigger your lights, temperature, or even music. Motion sensors are a staple in Z-Wave home automation

Not only can you adjust how the sensor goes off, but you can also set it up to distinguish between a small animal and a person. No longer will a stray cat interrupt your sleep and worry you with a light going off at 3am!

You can also be alerted if the sensor has been tampered with, so you can know what is going on at home at all times.  

Multi Sensor

It can be difficult to know whether your home is running optimally without the help of Z-Wave. That is why a Z-Wave multi sensor, such as the MultiSensor 6 by Aeotec, can bring not just clarity, but solutions. The multi sensor can detect the slightest variations in humidity, temperature, light lux, ultraviolet rays, motion and vibrations. 

If there is a variation in humidity, the multi sensor will can send that information to your hub and automate fans, windows, humidifiers and dehumidifiers accordingly. With any fluctuation in temperature, not only can you automate your heating and air system, but you can also adjust curtains, windows, or fans to your preference. Likewise, you can adjust your blinds, curtains and lights according to the light and UV already within the room. Any motion, whether from people, pets, or various other reasons, can also be detected. Finally, any vibration, be it from someone trying to dislodge the device, or an earthquake, is also reported to you for your safety.

When it comes to home automation, a multi sensor has the ability to make your home a safer, secure, and more comfortable place.

Water Leak Sensor

Nobody wants to come home to a flooded home or basement. Z-Wave flood sensors, like this one from Fibaro, can help keep you from being surprised. They can attach to the floor, wall or to any pipe that has a tendency to leak. The sensors will let you know when there is water, and can even activate certain lights, actions or alarms to warn you. This can be the difference between a quick leak fix and a ruined house!

Not only will the sensors detect water, but some are also sensitive to temperature change and will alert you to that as well. This will help prevent frozen pipes from bursting in the winter. Not only will the sensors make you aware of a leak, but they will help prevent it too.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Most states require both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and for good reason: they save lives. Setting up a Z-Wave combination of the two, such as this one from First Alert, can provide you with the best safety and peace of mind. They can even send you alerts when your batteries are low and let you know specifically which alarm has a low battery. Since many people forget to check their alarms, this feature alone has the ability to make sure that you keep your family safe.

Not only will the alarm sound when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected (most alarms do that), but it will also notify you when you are not at home. You can be sure that your loved ones are safe even when you are not around with its ability to send alarms to your phone in case of emergency.

Dry Contact Sensor

Z-Wave gives you the ability to monitor whatever you like within your home. A dry contact sensor, like this one from Aeon Labs, allows you to monitor any dry contact signal in your home.

You can monitor your heating or the water levels, for example. It can provide you with the information you need to keep your home safe and use less energy. By connecting an external sensor to it, such as water level sensor, you can monitor virtually anything in your home!


Z-Wave sensors can make your home safe, secure and convenient. Whether you are looking for peace of mind, saving money, or just making your life easier, these are the sensors to add to your Z-Wave system!

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I'm a husband, dad and maker, interested in all things creative and constructive. Home automation and smart home gadgets are fun right now, plus arduino, rasp pi, solar heat, and lots of other stuff.


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